• Banks for offshore companies

  • Banks for offshore companies

  • Banks for offshore companies


Bank Accounts

Banks for offshore companies

IBCC is the approved intermediary to many banks in Europe and Offshore. That means that it is possible to open bank account without personal visit to the bank.

Banks in Latvia or Cyprus – these banks are preferred for trading operations. Clients find them the easiest the least time consuming to open, least expensive for transactions and most efficient to work with due to user-friendly internet banking environment.

Banks in Switzerland – chosen for investment and fund protection. In latest years, Swiss banks have developed very convenient retail banking. Thus, they have been used widely for trading as well.

Offshore Banks (for example in Belize or Mauritius) are traditionally used for trading operations.

Bank accounts for Hong Kong, Singapore and Dubai companies require a personal interview with the bank officer at their location. With our introduction service, we review the proposed company activity and documents, as well information on the owner to see if their profile and requirements fit the specific bank. Then we proceed to arrange completion and signing of the bank documents and interview set-up.

In order to open a new bank account for an offshore company, any bank will request personal and professional details on the beneficial owner of the offshore company.

  • passport copy
  • evidence of residential address (1 or 2 utility not older than 3 months)
  • curriculum vitae
  • recommendation letter from client’s bank
  • business description of the company


All banks will require to see offshore company documentation, certified by a notary and legalized with Apostille. Our offshore company packages include corporate document sets that suit the requirements of the most banks. Keep in mind that any bank holds rights request additional documents as they see appropriate.
Please contact us for more details on the bank that interests you and their specific requirements.

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