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Bank Accounts

EU banks

We help our clients to open corporate and private account at many European banks.

If the intention of the client is to open a new European company with European headquarters, it is possible to open the bank account in the same European country.

With every EU or Offshore company registration service IBCC can offer bank account set-up remotely at banks of Latvia, Cyprus, Austria or Switzerland.

Banks located in the Netherlands, Poland, Estonia or UK will require personal visit. For the account opening the banks will consider citizenship of the beneficial owner, their background and business experience.

Be advised that there is no such obligation to hold bank accounts in the same jurisdiction as the company. Majority of the businessmen prefer to hold accounts at banks which they find more efficient to work with (for example banks in Latvia, Cyprus or Denmark).

Let us help you choose the right bank for your needs! Consult here with our tax advisers and client managers.