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Latvia is a member of the European Union since 2004 and part of the Schengen-zone. The main benefits of the Latvia residence permit compared to other EU countries are:

  • Issued for 5 years with a requirement to visit once-a-year to renew. After this period you may apply for 5 year EU Long-Term Resident status
  • You may enter any of the other 25 Schengen country’s an unlimited number of times and stay there visa-free up to 90 days in a row
  • You are not required to stay permanently in Latvia. Just visit once a year to renew your residency permit
  • You may include your spouse and children to the same residence permit

Who can apply?

If you are a Board Member of a Latvian company or a person authorized to represent a corporate entity (a foreign corporate entity) in activities related to the branch office in Latvia. The company must be registered per 1 year, has to pay in taxes min. €21 350 per year.

Stage 1 (preparation and our services)

IBCC will be assisting you with:

  • Invitation from Latvian Migration Department;
  • Latvian LLC set-up or Branch or Representative Office with accounting and legal address service (if required)
  • Collecting documents from the Commercial Register, Social Security offices, Revenue Service, etc

Stage 2 (visit to Latvia and submission of main documents)

A foreigner obtains a visa to Latvia (if s/he does not have any other valid Schengen visa) and upon arrival to Latvia gives the necessary documents to the authorized person for submission to Immigration Office:

– valid passport;
– residence permit request form;
– one passport photo;
– certificate confirming no criminal record;
– receipt confirming the state duty payment to examine documents.

The authorized person submits the following additional documents as per the basis of residency permit application:

  • Company documents set;
  • Latvian Migration Department confirmed invitation.
  • Valid contracts with Partners confirming activity in Latvia
  • Document confirming minimum subsistence income (e.g. bank statement, salary, etc.) -and 1530 (for Board Members & Branch Directors) per month;

Stage 3 (obtaining residency permit)

Upon receiving the decision on granting residency permit, the foreigner must personally present to Immigration Office

  • fluorography (the certificate showing that s/he does not suffer from active tuberculosis (the certificate must be issued by a Latvian medical institution)
  • health insurance policy valid for 1 year (costs ~ €50)

In order to make a residency permit card, you will be photographed at Immigration Office. Residency permit will be issued within 5-10 days.

Stage 4 (annual renewal)

The investor must register a residence permit annually (otherwise, the residence permit will become void). 30 – 90 days prior to the residence permit expiration date the foreigner must present to the Immigration Office the following documents –

  • valid passport
  • renewed health insurance policy;
  • renewed certificate showing that’s/ he does not suffer from active tuberculosis
  • document confirming minimum subsistence income (e.g. bank statement, salary, etc.)
  • extract from Latvian tax authorities confirming payment of min. EUR 21,350 taxes for previous fiscal year
  • valid contracts with Partners confirming activity in Latvia

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