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Limited Time Offer – Only EUR 15,000 for a 5 Year EU Residency Permit

IBCC have the simplest and cheapest solution for you and your family to receive a 5 Year EU residency permit enabling you to travel freely throughout the 25 EU Schengen countries without you having to reside in another country.

Not only is our permit the cheapest solution at only EUR 50,000 for 5 Years with nothing further to pay, for a limited time and as a launch offer we will give you EUR 35,000 cash back making our 5 Year residency permit only EUR 15,000.

This promotion is limited to the first 50 completed applications and expires on the 31st of May 2014 so ensure you register and return your completed application for this amazing limited time launch offer.

Read more about Latvian Residency Permit.

Please contact us via email permits@ibcc.info for further information or to start the application procedure.


  1. This is a limited time offer and cannot be used with any other promotion – “5 Year EU Residency Permit”. Limited to the first 50 completed applications and until the 31st of May 2014 whichever comes first although we reserve the right to remove or extended this promotion at any time without any further notification. Should there be any legislation changes outside of the control of IBCC and/or the company you are investing which results in the termination/cancelling of the 5 year EU residency permit, no refunds of any monies will be made and this promotion will cease with no further repayments from the date of cancellation. Furthermore IBCC or the trading company you are investing in may declare this promotion to be void where it is taxed, regulated, prohibited or restricted by applicable law.
  2. IBCC or the company you are  investing in for your residency permit do not provide any guarantees that the EUR 35,000 will be repaid, the company you are investing in may cease trading, have a lack of operating funds or fail like any trading business resulting in no payments or further repayments being made, there are no guarantees.
  3. A maximum of EUR 35,000 will be repaid, no interest will be paid on the repayment or any additional payments, EUR 35,000 is the final and total amount to be repaid
  4. On the anniversary of your EUR 50,000 residency permit application fee being paid, the EUR 35,000 repayments will start and be repaid as follows:The repayment amounts detailed in condition 4 will be paid via  bank transfer to the named person who completed the residency permit application from the company you have invested in for your permit and not IBCC. You are required as part of the permit to visit Latvia once a year to complete documentation which IBCC will provide to enable your permit to continue, no further payments are due from you. When you visit arrangements will be made for the payment to be made to you. Payments cannot be made to any third party only to the person who applied for the residency permit. Should you fail at any time throughout the 5 year residency period to return for your annual registration IBCC and the company you have invested in will cancel this promotion and not repay any further refund of the cash back promotion totalling EUR 35,000. The repayment amount is not transferrable.
    •  Year 1 anniversary the amount of EUR 3,000 will be repaid to you.
    • Years 2, 3, 4 & 5 anniversaries the amount of EUR 8,000 will be repaid to you.
    • Total amount repaid over 5 years EUR 35,000.
  5. We define a completed application as one were all requested documentation has been returned, completed correctly, signed and EUR 50,000 paid into the nominated account provided. This promotion is limited to the first 50 completed applications (or the 31st of May 2014 whichever comes first). Requesting further information or application forms does not constitute a completed application and therefore there is no guarantee that you will receive this promotion unless as stated all documents are completed and monies are received.
  6. IBCC and/or the company you are investing in reserves the right to disclose how many applications have been received, customer data is confidential and no details will be released to any third parties however we may contact you with other promotions unless you inform us you do not wish to receive further information.
  7. This promotion expires on the 31st of May 2014 or when the first 50 completed applications are received, any funds and completed applications received when this date or number of completed applications has been received maybe returned to you and the promotion closed.
  8. The repayments will be repaid as a cash payment via cheque or bank transfer to the individual who completed and signed the residency permit as an investor in the company, the rebated / cash back amounts will reduce the share capital of the company you have invested in until in year 5 the amount invested is Nil. The rebate is inclusive of all taxes. Where this rebate payment constitutes a taxable benefit, all tax liability lies with the recipient.
  9. This promotion is governed by the laws and regulations of Latvia and not the participant’s country.

Please contact us for more information!