• 5-year residence permit in Latvia

  • 5-year residence permit in Latvia

  • 5-year residence permit in Latvia



Residence permit in Latvia

Latvian immigration system offers a unique and an inexpensive way to obtain a European residence permit. We provide the most simplest and quickest way for you to obtain the permit without any issues of finding, maintaining and paying for property, our unique solution offers you and your spouse and children the permit for 5 years.



Residence permit is issued in a form of ID card, which will serve as a substitute for a visa sticker throughout the Schengen zone. You can enter any of the 25 Schengen state with the Latvian residence permit visa-free. You do not have to have any additional documents in order to enter another Schengen country from any country in the world.

If you would like to reside in Latvia, the temporary residence permit on the basis of investment gives you full rights to reside in Latvia for 5 years. After this period you may either apply for another round of 5 year temporary permit or apply for a 5 year Permanent EU resident. If you have lived in Latvia for 10 years you have rights to apply for citizenship.

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