EU Residency Solution with NO Investment Requirement.



EU Residency Solution with NO Investment Requirement.

Do you want to expand your business into Europe? Do you need an easier approach to obtaining a Schengen visa and EU residency? 

EU Residency Solution with NO Investment Requirement.

We offer EU residency in a total ethical and legal way at a reasonable price. No need to invest large sums to obtain EU residency. This is a little known secret that you can do relatively quickly, easy and legally. Read on for our client’s story below:

Our client from India wanted to expand his business into Europe and came to us for advice on what solutions could best apply to his situation. As an Indian passport holder, his first priority was to travel freely within EU territory and eventually relocate his family from India to Europe. He has a long-term trading business between India and Europe and wants to travel more often to Europe to better manage that side of the business. Plus, his focus is on reinvesting in his existing business, therefore, he does not have additional funds for other long-term investment requirements, which often many EU residency programs demand.

After analyzing our client’s specific needs, we offered the IBCC Latvian company premium package because it was clearly the best solution for his situation. We took the time to analyze our client’s individual needs and the results gained by our client were numerous:

  • No need to invest EUR 5 million!!!
  • A Latvian readymade company was rapidly transferred into the name of our client and he was able to immediately start trading in Europe.
  • Our client applied and received a Schengen visa for himself and his family for easy travel within Europe within a matter of weeks after registering the Latvian company.
  • By choosing to trade in Europe with a Latvian company over an Indian company, our client was able to reduce his corporate tax burden from a high Indian tax rate of 40% to the low, fixed 15% Latvian corporate tax rate (this equated to a savings of over EUR 100,000 annually for our client)
  • After one year, our client applied and received European (Latvian) residency permits for him and his family. He chose to live not in Latvia but rather in Germany, where he already had close friends and family ties.


The IBCC distinction:

  • We took the time to learn our client’s needs first, his background and available budget to find out if the Latvian company premium package would fit his profile.
  • We analyze our client on an individual basis in order to be able to offer him a package containing only the items and services that he requires
  • We were able to educate our client on why he needed this package and what he would gain, carefully explaining the steps and stages of the visa and residency permit process
  • Our turnaround time for a detailed response to his inquiry was 48 hours, which included many discussions and correspondence with the client and preparing a detailed package proposal


At the end, our client was thrilled that we did not just push numbers and procedures in his face, rather we took the time to educate him about solutions he did not even think about, such as what multiple benefits a Latvian company could do for him besides getting an EU residency permit. Not only did he obtain a European residency permit solution through a Latvian company for him and his family, but received the additional benefit of reducing his tax burden by more than 50%. With our help, the process was  simple, straightforward and at a very reasonable cost to other European residency permit solutions. In short, the client was very pleased with the results!

REGISTER a Limited Liability Company or Branch in LATVIA. It is an ideal way to establish your EU business and live in any EU country. It gives you a chance to run a fully fledged EU registered company and obtain a Schengen visa simultaneously. 

Let’s recap the benefits for choosing EU => LATVIA for residency permits:

  • Opportunity to travel visa-free in EU and live in any EU state for the whole family
  • Latvian companies are easy to set up and maintenance costs are low compared with other European countries
  • Latvia offers one of Europe’s lowest corporate tax rates (15%) and a sophisticated banking system for trade with East and West
  • Manage a European trading business with a Value Added Tax (VAT) number
  • No minimum investment required
  • Run your business and receive a residence permit with one company
  • No need to rent an office
  • No need to live in Latvia
  • Purchase an older, existing company and receive a residence permit immediately
  • Apply for a Schengen visa to start traveling in Europe immediately
  • Multi-lingual staff (Russian, French, Italian)
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