• Residence permit annual renewal

  • Residence permit annual renewal

  • Residence permit annual renewal



Residence permit annual renewal

The temporary residency permit in Latvia is given for 5 years. But each year you must renew your residence permit at the immigration service of Latvia by presenting the following documents:

  • Valid passport
  • 1 year medical insurance
  • X-rays of the lungs
  • Bank statement confirming minimum substance. The immigration authorities a proof of minimum substance in form of a bank statement showing you have at least €12,000 on your personal bank account (if your family applies for a residence permit together with you, than additional funds for your spouse (€3,800) and for each child (€2,050), we can also provide a service to open a Latvian bank account for you to deposit the required funds and you can use the money via internet bank transfer or VISA/Mastercard payment card/s)]
  • Local address proof [you must declare you place of residence. If you do not have your own address in Latvia, we can assist you with it]
  • Proof of tax payment [the Company you made investment to must prove that it has paid during the year taxes in the amount of €32,000 – the required document from the tax authorities will be obtained by IBCC and presented to you]

The annual renewal procedure must be done 90 to 30 days before your ID card expiration date. Although you are not required to reside in Latvia all the time in order to maintain the residence permit, you must come to Latvian Immigration service once per year for the renewal. A yearly visit for 7-10 days is usually sufficient to complete all the arrangements. There are no additional charges from our side in assisting you with the renewal procedure.

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